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Be careful dealing with Dhanish.com. I had over USD$200 in an account which they "happened" to lose while I was pregnant and didn't contact them for some time. Or to be correct.. when I tried to log in after some 9 months to my account it was no longer available nor my money.

I have emailed the support several times but they refuse to answer any questions and I guess they are happy stealing money from mothers who are trying to make a living.

I would stay way clear of Dhanish.com from Bangkok Thailand.

Dhanish - Dhanish.com sucks!!

Review about: 925 Sterling Silver.



They are crooks!The delivered the wrong item and refuse to reimburse me or send me the right product unless I pay for postage..

Why would I? I wasn't the one sending the wrong item...

They can hardly speak english either..Indians mumbling something that resembles the swedish cook in the muppet show..

Will not use again!


Dhanish happily took my money and never delivered my items.

Shame on them!!

Buyers beware!!

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